New website

September 1. 2017 opens

This site is for you with interest in machine knitting and Designaknit.


My name is Bente Rønberg. I live and work in Denmark.

I run the website – started in november 2014. I teach machine knitting and DesignaKnit.

On my new site you will find a special site for English speaking machine knitters.

You will as a member on get access to a library of videos and tutorials, that in the long term will become a site for both beginners and experienced knitters. I upload something new to the library once a week.

See below for more details

The site is divided into categories:

A category for Brother Electronic Machines
A category for Silverreed
And a common category for the techniques that are identical on both machine types

On top of that there is:

A category with DesignaKnit 8
A category with patterns
And a category with tips/inspiration

Membership requires a monthly/yearly payment = 17/170 Euro.

During september it will be possible to sign in 1 month for free.

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge. See you.

The English speak is produced by
Madalina Elena Pop.

Madalina is a experienced knitter and DesignaKnit user.



Video education in machine knitting etc.