Welcome to ausumlille.com

Machine knitting is thrilling and fun, and in the course of no time you get really great results.

I have developed Ausumllille.com especially for you who knits on an electronic knitting machine using the DesignaKnit programme. Even if you don’t use an electronic machine, you can still take part and learn a lot about machine knitting.

Here on this page, you’ll find a huge archive which contains all kinds of tutorials and knitting patterns. Every week, I’ll post something new in one of the six different categories. In this way, the archive grows all the time, and you will always have access to all the previous items.

Who does Ausumlille.com target?

Ausumlille.com is developed especially for all English-speaking machine knitters. The contents of the tutorial videos are for you who has just started and for you who is an experienced machine knitter.

This is how it works

In order to gain access to the various posts, you have to sign up. It is up to you whether you want to subscribe for one month or for a whole year.

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I look forward to inviting you into my exciting world of machine knitting and to inspiring you to become even better at knitting. You can read all about me and my background on my About me page


Video education in machine knitting etc.